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EFAO Coordination & Technification program

The registration for the Coordination & Technification program is already open. From March 1st, every Tuesday and Thursday a small group of players will train for individual improvement focusing on dribbling, passing, shooting, ball control, and coordination.

Some important information to know:

  1. Maximum Participants: 12 players

  2. Participation fee: US$ 70 (once a week) - US$ 110 (Twice a week)

  3. Where: Yomitan and Camp Foster

  4. When: from March 1st, every Tuesday and Thursday

  5. Time: 17:30 to 18:30

  6. EFAO Uniform: US$25

  • Select Coordination & Technification

Payments through:

We are waiting for you!!!

- The EFAO Team

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